Terms of Use


The following Terms and Conditions of Use of this website and the Privacy Policy of its users describe the process of collecting personal data of users of the website / customers of the online store arrowshop.gr, the use of this data by arrowshop.gr and the terms of use of this website. Our online store collects exclusively those personal data that are absolutely necessary for the safe execution and execution of our customers’ orders and that our own customers voluntarily disclose to us.

The collection of personal information of our customers is aimed at measuring the traffic of our website, recording customer requirements for the products of the online store and in general the execution of customer transactions with the online store. arrowshop.gr does not disclose to any third party any personal data of its customers / users of its website without their prior explicit consent.

The customer is considered to have unreservedly and fully accepted these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, as they apply from time to time, in each case of use of the services of the online store arrowshop.gr. In case of a telephone order, you will also be asked for an e-mail address and / or a mobile phone number, the provision of which means your consent to the keeping of your personal data by us for the purposes mentioned here. The online store arrowshop.gr reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Terms of Use, without prior notice to customers, except for their publication on the relevant site of its website.

The online store arrowshop.gr, is an online store, independent, with its own pricing policy, terms of payment, distribution and delivery of products. The customer has the ability to place orders, as long as he has registered once on the login page of the online store, selecting “New User Registration”. Each customer registers only once. The customer using the unique combination of Customer Identification (username) and Customer Code (password) that he has chosen and declared, has the following possibilities:

To see the contents of his shopping cart (“My Cart”). The Cart displays the products that the customer has chosen to order. The Customer can place orders for products, the review or change of which (deletion of items, change of quantities) is possible at any time until the completion of the order.

– To complete the order and pay by choosing one of the payment options provided by the online store.
– To see after the completion of the execution process and its contents.
– To see his old orders.
– To modify the Customer Details of his Account. as detailed below.

Personal Data

Personal Data entered during New User registration

The registration of the new user (Customer) in the online store arrowshop.gr is necessary for the placement of any product order. When registering a new user, only the following personal information is requested: Name, Surname, company name, Activity, Address, Postcode, City-Region, Country, Telephone, Fax, E-mail address.The above information is necessary for the processing of the customer’s order from the online store and is made available to him in order to be used exclusively for the perfect execution of the Customer’s order.

Use of Customer Personal Data

The Online Store records the personal data of only those users who have registered as users through the online store page. The collection of the above personal data is necessary for the transactions between the online store and its customers, for their orders to be sent and for them to receive special services such as order history, online store offers, promotional material, etc.

arrowshop.gr will not disclose the Email address of a Customer or other personal data for advertising or marketing purposes, only after his explicit consent.

The Customer has at any time the opportunity to request the immediate deletion from the databases of arrowshop.gr all his personal data that he disclosed in the above manner in the online store, if:

– has stopped using the services of arrowshop.gr.
– there are no outstanding debts to the online store.

Customer Obligations

The Customer of the online store arrowshop.gr, is obliged:

– Not to use the website of the online store for the execution of acts, which may result in the prosecution or the initiation of any civil or administrative proceedings against arrowshop.gr, for acts, which indicatively but not exclusively described in the Penal Code, Special Penal Laws, Telecommunications Legislation, Personal Data Protection Legislation as well as the relevant provisions or directives of the European Union or the National Telecommunications Commission, the Personal Data Protection Authority and any other Public or Administrative Authority and Service.

– Do not infringe any form of Third Party Copyright.

– To strictly comply with the applicable terms of use of the online store arrowshop.gr as well as the applicable rules of personal data protection of its subscribers and / or visitors to its websites.

– Provide complete and true personal information during the customer registration process.

– To update his personal registration details, so that they correspond at all times to his true personal details. In case of inaccuracy of the Customer’s registration details, the online store arrowshop.gr has the right to immediately deactivate the customer’s account by informing him.

– To keep secrets and not to reveal to third parties his unique identifier and password (username, password) in the services of arrowshop.gr. It is also obliged to IMMEDIATELY inform the online store arrowshop.gr via email to the email address info@arrowshop.gr, for any unauthorized use of its code and password.
The online store is not responsible for unauthorized use of the password and the username of its customers, if it has not been previously informed about it.

– Confirm that he has logged out of his personal account at the end of each session.

– Provide correct and true Payment and Delivery Details for online store orders.

Modifications to the Service

The online store reserves the right to modify the services provided or to suspend their provision temporarily or permanently, with or without notice. In any case that the Customer makes use of the services of the online store, it is considered that he has unreservedly accepted their present terms of use and unreservedly acknowledges that the online store arrowshop.gr is not responsible to the Customer for any modification, postponement or interruption of supply of the service.

Products and information – Responsibility of arrowshop.gr

arrowshop.gr does not bear any responsibility for any damage caused to the Customer by the exchange of information during the use of the services of the online store resulting from loss or delay in receipt or non-receipt or alteration of data.

The material, content and claims of the advertisements are the intellectual property and responsibility of the companies that advertise their products. We make no representations or warranties, written or implied, as to the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by our website. We disclaim any warranty, express or implied, direct or indirect, including implied warranties of quality or suitability for certain purposes.

Shipping Methods

The products marked “Available” are sent on the first working day from the day of the order or even the same day (if the order has been made until 15:00 noon) by courier. If a product is not available we will inform you by email or by phone about the progress of your order. Non-immediately available products are shipped as soon as they become available. Deliveries are made on working days between 9:00 – 21:00.

Upon completion of your order, an email is automatically sent with the analysis of your order. You do not need to do anything else. Your order has taken its course.

Right of withdrawal

You have the right to withdraw within 14 calendar days of returning the product to us.

The right of withdrawal is valid if the product is in its original condition and packaging and the return is made with your own means and costs, within 14 calendar days from the day of receipt (either you return it or send it by a carrier) .

Return Products

In case of any defect of any product that is found upon receipt, we undertake immediate replacement without any additional financial burden to the customer, as soon as we are notified either by phone (2223058142) or by email (info@arrowshop.gr).

In case of defective product or wrong product, this can be refunded if: a) The date of receipt of your order with the date of application for return by phone (2223058142) or by e-mail (info@arrowshop.gr) not to exceed 3 calendar days, and b) the packaging has not been violated and is in its original condition. In this case the customer is not charged with shipping costs.

In case of return of the products that does not concern the fault of the company, the shipping cost is borne by the customer.

Privacy Terms

Priority of arrowshop.gr is the protection of the customer’s right to a confidential connection and therefore the data privacy protection practice is explained below as well as the meaning and significance of the following terms in order to be easily understood and understood and not to suspect a possible breach of the confidentiality of the connection.

Product Warranty

Products purchased by the consumer are covered by a minimum two-year warranty. Therefore, within these two years the consumer has the right, in case he considers that a product is defective or does not correspond to the advertised appearance or function, to send the product to the respective trader and then the trader to undertake the verification process or not what the customer says (verification is done either by the store itself or by the manufacturer / importer).In case the product proves to be defective due to construction, then the consumer can request repair of the product or replacement of the product or reduction of the price or cancellation of the contract and full refund of the amount paid. If the product does not prove to be defective then it is simply returned to the consumer. Also, in case the customer sends a defective product to the store, then he pays the shipping costs himself. If the product proves to be defective, then the shipping costs must be reimbursed by the store to the customer.

Automatically Recorded Information

The arrowshop.gr web server automatically records some information to help us diagnose problems in a timely manner, manage the web site and collect broader demographic information from arrowshop.gr. This information is anonymous (not personally identifiable) and contains domain names and / or I.P. addresses of the browsers that visit our site, the day and time of the visit and other (always) non-personally identifiable information.


– A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent to the client browser by a web server and stored on the client computer’s hard drive. Cookies do not cause damage to the client’s computer system and do not affect its functionality. Cookies also make browsing the web easier for the customer, saving their settings. The site arrowshop.gr uses cookies to provide specialized services and content that covers the interests of the customer.The above cookies do not contain personally identifiable information. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but the customer usually has the ability to configure their browser to prevent them. Even without cookies the customer can use most of the services of arrowshop.gr.

Personal Information

Due to the uniqueness of the web site arrowshop.gr (online store), personal information is required in order to be able to send the products to the address and face of each user / customer. This information is not disclosed to third parties, nor is it used for any other purpose. In particular, the following are explicitly and unreservedly agreed between arrowshop.gr and the customer:

– arrowshop.gr declares and the customer accepts that the personal data collected by arrowshop.gr and concerning the customer will be used to manage his request, ie the support, promotion and execution of the transaction relationship as well as its information about the future offers and advertising activities of arrowshop.gr. The recipient of this data is exclusively arrowshop.gr in the context of the transaction as well as any natural or legal person to whom according to the current legislation is obliged or entitled to disclose the data arrowshop.gr, based on the consent of the customer, law or court decision.
– arrowshop.gr declares that during the period of keeping these data / personal data it will use them legally, taking the necessary security measures and maintaining their confidentiality. arrowshop.gr will delete these data from its file in accordance with the current legislation.
– The customer addressed in writing to arrowshop.gr has the right to be informed about his personal data kept by it, the right to object and correct them as well as the right to withdraw his consent for the processing of personal data concerning him at any time in accordance with the current legislation (Articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997).
– The unique-accessories .gr takes all appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality of user / customer communications and transmitted information and data in accordance with applicable law. However, arrowshop.gr does not guarantee the security of data transmitted through networks to the extent that their protection is not achieved by taking appropriate security measures imposed by law and the relevant any direct, indirect, positive, negative, material or not damage that the user may have suffered from his access to the internet.
– For any differences that will arise between customers or between customers and third parties and are due to messages, data, data or information circulated through arrowshop.gr, the latter states that any removal of the privacy of the customer’s telecommunications is allowed only if and to the extent that arrowshop.gr is required to fulfill its obligation according to the current legislation. It is expressly agreed that the above terms are governed by Greek Law, the decisions of the statutory bodies of the State that apply to the transactions of electronic communications as well as the relevant provisions in force from time to time.

Payment Methods

You can pay for your order in the following ways:

Bank Account Deposit:

Deposit to a Bank Account, if you do not have a credit card, you can pay for your order through a bank account. For your best service, please provide the bank with your Name and Order Number as a reason.

The bank accounts to which you can deposit money are the following:

The amount to be credited to our account must be the same as the value of your order. Bank charges – commissions are borne by the buyer.

Card payment (credit, debit or pre-paid)

Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards of any bank are accepted.

In addition to using your credit card, you can also complete your purchases with your debit card (ie ATM withdrawal card) if it bears the Visa or Mastercard mark. A prerequisite in this case is to have the corresponding amount in the balance of your card.

Arrowshop.gr does not receive or store your credit / debit card details.